FLUUS Staking

The FLUUS ecosystem is designed to create and maintain the intrinsic value of the FLUUS token. The staking rewards mechanisms built into the model allow for anchoring the value of the FLUUS token in the real-world cash flows generated by the FLUUS network.

The FLUUS reward pool is replenished through a % of fees collected from the FLUUS aggregator fees, FLUUSPay fees, swap fees as well as FLUUS Desk ramping fees.

There exist strong incentives to stake FLUUS tokens such as:

  • Real yield: Retail crypto users can earn a portion of the fees generated by FLUUS services. Various staking pools are set up for $FLUUS stakers to enjoy rewards. APYs, pool sizes, and lock-up periods are clearly defined with options to withdraw tokens earlier. This allows for users to have visibility and consistency in their rewards. The reward structure implemented favors users who keep their tokens staked for the entire staking period.

Example: FLUUS reward pool has a minimum stake of 10 $FLUUS tokens

The pool size is 50,000 $FLUUS tokens and a lock-up period of 30 days and a staking reward of 5% per year.

A user that stakes 10 $FLUUS tokens for the entire staking period will enjoy an APY of 0.42%

Formula: APY = (1 + (reward/stake)) ^ (days/days) - 1

APY = (1+(5%/10))^(30/365) - 1 = 0.42%

  • Fee reductions: FLUUS business partners can stake FLUUS tokens and receive fee reductions of up to 100% on the FLUUS aggregator and AID3.0 services. Staking starts at 100,000 FLUUS tokens. The tokens must be staked for the duration of the partnership.

Example: Average fee/txn = 1%. Total transaction amounts = $150,000.

Partner A has 100,000 FLUUS tokens staked. Partner A can receive a 15% revenue share

Partner A: 1%*15%*$150000 = $225 in fees.

*Subject to change

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