FLUUS Utility

FLUUS tokens provide a range of utilities for businesses and users within the FLUUS ecosystem. $FLUUS is capped at 1 billion tokens and provides stake holders with various benefits, participation opportunities and is also used to increase trustability and security of the FLUUSPay network.

  • Fee reductions for businesses integrating FLUUS into their platforms or utilizing AID3.0.

FLUUS utilizes a revenue sharing model with partners based on transaction fees. The $FLUUS utility token can be staked by partners in return for fee reductions. FLUUS business staking pools allow for partners to actively stake FLUUS tokens and receive higher revenue share.

  • Providing collateral for FLUUSPay on/off-ramp services in emerging markets.

This strategy allows businesses to reduce their transaction risks and increase their trust with the FLUUS network. FLUUSPay offers alternative payment methods, including cash, which can be particularly useful in emerging markets where traditional banking systems may be less developed or less reliable. However, alternative payment methods come with additional risks such as the potential for disrupted services or fraud. To mitigate these risks and provide a level of protection for users, FLUUSPay requires businesses to stake $FLUUS tokens as collateral. $FLUUS plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and security of the FLUUSPay network, making it a reliable and trustworthy platform for businesses and users in the emerging markets.

  • Participate in governance.

As the FLUUS network continues to grow, decisions impacting the future of its services must be made. To ensure that the community's interests are represented and that the network is able to evolve in a sustainable manner, FLUUS utilizes a tiered token-weighted model in its DAO. This model allows community members to have varying levels of participation and influence, depending on their level of engagement and the amount of FLUUS tokens they hold.

DAO members can participate in decisions surrounding key aspects of the FLUUS network, including transaction fees, dispute mechanisms, token offerings, platform integrations, rewards systems, and the structure of the DAO itself. To become eligible to participate in the governance process, community members must hold a certain amount of FLUUS tokens, with the minimum token threshold set at a level that is designed to ensure that only serious and committed community members are able to participate.

To provide structure to this system, the FLUUS DAO will have three initial tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each with different weightings for their vote and participation. Community members can progress up the tiers by holding more FLUUS tokens. The DAO is funded by a percentage of transaction fees, meaning that as the FLUUS network and ecosystem grows, so too will the opportunities for involvement by community members.

The FLUUS DAO aligns the incentives of its members with the growth of the network by allowing for a collective decision-making process that aims to make decisions that are in the best interest of all stakeholders. This ensures that the FLUUS network remains secure and trustworthy while promoting growth and adoption. By aligning incentives in this way, it creates a mutually beneficial outcome for all stakeholders, as all members have a vested interest in the success of the network.

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