Welcome to FLUUS

Seamlessly connecting money to humanity


FLUUS offers a suite of developer and consumer-facing solutions that connect the dots between crypto services, evolving the world's access to web3.

  • FLUUS SDK: An aggregation of global crypto ramping, swapping, decentralized trading services, and FLUUS Pay, a cash & mobile money ramping service. All under an easy-to-use SDK and widget.

  • FLUUS Auth: A solution that utilizes MPC and TSS to facilitate wallet creation and web2 user onboarding using SSO.

  • FLUUS Checkout: A solution that allows users to check out their crypto products.

  • AID3.0: A solution to off-ramping AID services for NGOs.

FLUUS: Evolving the crypto ecosystem to connect the whole of humanity to better economic opportunities.

FLUUS users

  • Developers in need of a simple API and widget that supports a range of crypto services.

  • Businesses looking for global expansion, faster-to-market strategies, or want to venture into web3.

  • Retail users in need of simple and accessible crypto solutions.

  • Token holders who want to earn real yield.

  • NGOs in need of off-ramping AID services.

  • High net worth individuals looking to enter and transact into web3 safely.


The $FLUUS tokens have the following properties:

  • Tradeable and exchangeable: Open for anyone to buy and sell.


There are different ways for users and partners to generate revenue using FLUUS:

  • Integrate the FLUUS aggregator and widget and receive a % of the transaction fees generated.

  • Provide $FLUUS liquidity on decentralized exchanges and earn swap fees.

  • Stake $FLUUS and earn real yield from the cash flows generated by FLUUS services.

  • Perform actions beneficial to the FLUUS ecosystem and receive rewards.


Impact decisions pertaining to the future of FLUUS services can be determined by the DAO members. Whilst the DAO will primarily be for business members within the ecosystem, it will slowly open up to FLUUS community members in the future as more consumer solutions are developed.

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