FLUUS Pay network, Aggregator & Widget

An aggregation of global crypto ramping, swapping, decentralized trading services and the FLUUS Pay network.

The FLUUS aggregator offers a suite of crypto services including:

  • FLUUS Ramps Aggregator: An aggregator of global crypto <> fiat ramping services

  • FLUUS Swaps Aggregator: An aggregator of crypto-swapping services

  • FLUUS Pay: A cash and mobile money ramping service covering emerging markets.

All of this is offered under easy to use SDK, widget and APIs. Developers benefit from a single integration and a smart selection engine that provides global coverage at a lower cost and faster time to market. The widget allows users to simply buy, sell, swap & trade their cryptocurrencies & tokens.

With the FLUUS aggregator and widget developers can enjoy:

  • Zero onboarding fee

  • A single integration that offers multiple crypto services

  • Revenue sharing model

  • Global access to crypto ramping with multiple payment methods

  • Faster time to market

  • Safe and Compliant

Fee Structure

FLUUS utilizes a revenue-sharing model with its partners. The fees are split between FLUUS, partners, and the reward pool.

The structure is as follows:

  • 10% FLUUS LTD

  • 10% Partner Fee

  • 80% Reward pool.

*Businesses integrating FLUUS into their platforms can receive fee reductions of up to 100%.

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