FLUUS Manifesto

Change Makers Manifesto

Crypto is essential in the developing world.

But, it’s unsafe, inaccessible, and hard to transact.

Leading to inequitable economies.

Technology can disrupt, disorientate, move fast, and break things.

But, in the right hands, it can also cure, connect, educate, and empower.

Web3 is subverting the power structures and hierarchies of money and the internet.

Evolving beyond a single ideal.

We’re a team of change-makers, problem-solvers, and trailblazers.

Embarking on a journey of radical progression.

Connecting cutting-edge innovation with humanity.

FLUUS' web3 layer connects the dots between crypto services.

Ramping, exchanging, transactions, and payments.

Creating a seamless, safe, and simple experience.

We know that with great change comes great responsibility.

Our team embraces fairness, compliance, and transparency.

We want to see the potential of the developing world recognized and realized.

Break down inequitable financial barriers.

And blaze a new path toward our vision for a more prosperous developing world.

FLUUS. Seamlessly connecting money to humanity.

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