FLUUS Rewards

The FLUUS token is also a reward token that provides retail users of FLUUS with real yield for certain participations. Rewards are received from real cash flows that fill up the FLUUS reward pool.

Retail users can receive rewards by the following actions:

  • Providing liquidity in the FLUUS liquidity pools: By providing liquidity to the FLUUS liquidity pools, community members can earn rewards as an incentive for keeping the pools liquid and helping to maintain the stability of the FLUUS ecosystem.

  • Performing actions beneficial to the FLUUS ecosystem: Community members can perform a variety actions and contributions in return for rewards. These activities could include: - Marketing and promotion: Community members can help to raise awareness of the FLUUS ecosystem by sharing information about the platform, its services, and its benefits on social media, forums, and other online platforms. - Content creation: Community members can create and share educational content such as blog posts, videos, or tutorials that help to explain the FLUUS ecosystem and its services to a wider audience. - Referral program: Community members can participate in referral programs, where they are rewarded for getting new members to the FLUUS community. - Event Organizing: Community members can organize or participate in events such as meetups, webinars, or workshops that help to promote the FLUUS ecosystem. - Community Building: Community members can help to grow and support the FLUUS community by creating and moderating discussion groups, answering questions, and providing assistance to other members. - Research and Analysis: Community members can conduct research and analysis on the FLUUS ecosystem, its services, and its competitors and share the results to help educate others and improve the ecosystem.

  • Staking FLUUS in the FLUUS staking pools: By staking FLUUS tokens in the FLUUS staking pools, retail crypto users can earn a portion of the fees generated by FLUUS services.

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