Token Economics

FLUUS offers a suite of consumer and developer solutions.

Businesses integrating FLUUS services into their platforms or utilizing AID3.0 can enjoy fee reductions by staking FLUUS utility tokens.

Retail users receive real yield for providing liquidity in the FLUUS liquidity pools and for performing actions beneficial to the FLUUS ecosystem and staking FLUUS tokens.

FLUUS staking rewards come from real cash flows generated by FLUUS solutions.

The FLUUS token is also utilized as collateral and performance guarantee for FLUUS on/off-ramp partners. Collateral is set to protect users against disrupted services or fraud. Staking FLUUS tokens as collateral increases the level of trust and enables business users to access higher transaction volumes and faster transaction processing times. When a business user stakes FLUUS as collateral, it lowers the transaction risks for the FLUUS network, so cross-border transactions, including fiat on and off-ramp.

When businesses partner with FLUUS, they buy tokens and lock them as long as they use FLUUS network services. As mentioned above, this 'skin in the game' adds a layer of trust and assurance for users when utilizing FLUUS partners to on and off-ramp their cryptocurrencies.

Finally, as the FLUUS network grows, decisions impacting the future of FLUUS services need to be made. Partners holding a minimum amount of FLUUS tokens are regarded as members of the DAO and can partake in decisions.

The decisions regarding the FLUUS DAO will be funded by the FLUUS treasury which replenishes through a percentage of the transaction fees.

$FLUUS utility token is a pre-minted, fixed supply token. There will only ever be 1 billion $FLUUS tokens minted and in circulation. $FLUUS will be an EVM polygon-compatible token with the following allocations.

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